Any body qualify for the 24 solo worlds?

just seeing if anybody qualify for the world 24 solo?
for all the folks who dont know canberra is holding the world 24hour solo cross country champs…
i qualified on the weekend 60kms clear of 2nd place in the u/19

How far did you ride?

I know of a few locals who have qualified.

User: Campbell qualified earlier this year and then broke his leg. I believe he is still going to crush all comers :wink:

hey guy, do you know about rotorburn?


only like 200kms the other in my class gave up so i figured no point pushing on i had a 60km lead
ROTORBURN i find is full of 16yr old that only know how to go down hill…

look harder.

Congrats on qualifying. I know a girl who qualified in Tassie after winning the Kellevie 24, but she’s not going up for it.