Any Brisbane Rides this week?

Just looking for a social Fixie ride.

Every Thursday night at 1900 from Brunswick street mall. i only just got back from a ride with two of these riders this evening, though i am told the numbers are usually much higher.

Yea most of the rides are around 7-12 riders. Though the nights it’s a little more organised it’s always higher.

Every week you say…

Yimmy, you in Bris? You blog is awesome…

I second that - some of the classiest hoes I ever seen. Where do you find them all?

@ Rhino: Yes I am buddy.

Pics from the Interweb, lets just say I procrastinate well. I’m glad you guys like it. :slight_smile:

what suburb do live swanky?.I currently live at everton park and have been looking at organizing a ride from Teralba park out along the bikeway,stop for cafe and then back.any takers email me on cheers

We work in the same building Swanky. Lets ride.