Any budding tattoo artists??

I am contemplating getting my first (and probably only) tattoo and was wondering if there were any budding graphic/tattoo artists out there.
I am just wanting to get something incorporating my 3 boys initials R (Robbie), D (Dominic) and S (Spencer) along with another S for my Wife Sandie.
My thoughts are that the S for Sandie could be 3 or 4 times the size of the other 3 and intertwine through them and with either end of that S becoming stylised hands that embrace the boys

I am crap with graphics and so am hoping that someone else here can show me what I am describing.

Also do any of you Brisbaneites have any recommendations for where to get inked??

You need to see McKenzie.
Works in North Melbourne at a tattoo shop.
At DISC every Sunday and most Tuesday evenings.

Is he coming to Brissie any time soon??? :smiley:


I realised when I read you other post that you don’t live in Melbourne.

I’ll ask him, but I’m not sure.

do it yourself :slight_smile:


My friend is a graphic designer, and she is sketching my stuff as we speak. Once I get the draft i will show you and see what you think…

You will look great with a couple of swallows on your ankle Rhino. :smiley:

Um…no. Swallows on each side of my neck maybe, but not the ankles.

No mate, my design is a RHINO…pretty simple really. The others are just random crap. Who would have though trying to find a new girlfriend with the same name already tattooed on your body would be so hard…

There is a line there but I aint going near it. :?

most tattooists would much prefer to do some custom work for you than to ink somebody elses work, so you should just drop in somewhere and have a chat about it

my suggestion is to go see rachi brains at:

All Star Tattoo
205 Moggill Road
Taringa QLD 4068
PH: 07 3371 6695

i have some friends that have been tattooed by her while in brisbane. she does awesome work

Bernie at Wild at Heart. He’s a cranky old biker dude at times but def the man to see in Brisso.


So I could see a cranky old man, or a chick.

One from each I think.

You know how some chicks do little circles when they dot their i’s ? Well call me a chauvanist pig but when I look at female tattooists work that’s often the impression I get. Each to their own but it’s not something I’d like to wear.


Had a look at the stuff Rachi has on her website and it all looked too cartoonish for me.
Mind you I am only looking at some stylised letters?!?!?!

my next and first tattoo is likely to be “P-B-P 2007”. I hope I can earn it.

Biceps? thigh? back of shoulder? Everywhere is cliched.

Not very imaginative.

  • Joel

get it inked on the palm of your hand.



on your head?

Forearm? Tongue?

get one in a ‘hideable’ location… ala