Any christians out there

Sacrifice Design Cycling Set

someone buy me those, they appeal to me.

that’s cheesy as balls

Whoever thought up those designs is going straight to hell.

Perhaps the worst cycling gear I’ve ever seen. I’d be inclined to run someone over if they were wearing that - just so they’d be able to meet their maker sooner (if s/he exists).

You guys seriously don’t like those? I though they were pretty cool. SPEED RACER “Go Speed, Go!” Cycling Jersey - S-XXL: Clothing


More awesome jerseys

this one’s probably the best

Creation Limited Edition Men’s Cycling Jersey

Starry Night Limited Edition Men’s Cycling Jersey

C’mon bro … it doesn’t matter if we don’t like 'em. If you think it’s the greatest thing ever then that’s cool. Even if not my taste i’d rather someone rock that than the boring same old shit.

I’ve always secretly wanted to wear one of these jersey’s. Mrs. Spirito says she’ll cut it up if I get one :frowning:

I wouldn’t actually rock christian getup, it’d be kinda weird. I just liked the idea.

Also, saw a guy wearing one of those at the gravel grinders, it was pretty hilarious!

I have always wanted a master of puppets jersey hey dylan do you want to ride this arvo.

i’d pay for the scissors :wink:

Holy shit that jersey is horrible.
Posting for great reference.

OK the “sacrifice” and fish power ones are cheesy but the “armour of god” and “fearless” sets are friggin’ RIGHTEOUS!!!

Yeah, the fearless one rules.
I might the set when I have some cash flow in a week or two.

I like you Spirito, I’d wear one too

C is for cookie, thats good enough for me

Dylan. I’m totally with you on the Sacrfice kit – totally Amazing.

Perhaps you might like the dhb psyborg jersey?:cool:

Also love the cookie monster jersey. Pure gold! How good would be to see someone rocking that… So funny.

Steel anatomy? idea is interesting, but I get a ‘nu metal’ vibe from it, you know?