Any experience with NASHBAR?

Anyone had any experience with buying online from US store NASHBAR.
They’ve got a $99 aluminum road frame thats look like it might be a good contender for my next project.
I’ve had good experience with wiggle and others. Just never heard of NASHBAR before.

Tried to use them, wouldnt ship to Oz on a credit card payment cause they couldnt “verify my address”. Something about Oz card co’s dont give out addresses, whereas US co’s do. Yet they would accept a direct deposit from an overseas bank, which I didnt really want to do (cause I didnt have the cash on me, hence the CC). I didnt totally understand it, so I bought from PBK instead for a few bucks more.

If you can get them to ship, well worth it. They’re a big player.

i got scared off a while ago by stories of random 3rd parties having access to your credit card details and taking random monies :-/
google it, was a widespread problem. maybe they’ve changed

Have you checked the shipping costs. For some reason US based stores seem to charge a heap more for shipping compared to UK based stores. Might not be worth it in the end for you.

Yeah shipping was only going to be $69. Still a good deal. I got a ‘can’t verify address’ error when using their checkout but that was before it required a credit card or other payment details. Might hunt around a little more before I drop any money on them.

ive attempted to use them before, their payment system needs additional verification for o/s visa cards… ie a scanned copy of front and back of card (fair enough, if thats the system they have to work with)

obviously i am not going to do that so i just went elsewhere

If you live in Nth America they are a goldmine thanks to their regular clearance sales and commutard perspective (so high-end/more specialised stuff gets cleared out for cheeeeeeep).

I know people who only buy helmets during their annual helmet sale (giro atmos for $99 - thanks!)

once i got here i realised their shipping costs sucked even more (they arent best if you dont live in the US anyways - making PBK/wiggle a contender for some sales).

they are considered the devil by most bike shops as they are easily the biggest online player in the US… pretty much the walmart of bike stuff.