Any good cycling shops/stuff in Stockholm?

I’m going to be in Stockholm in a couple of weeks and just wondering if there are any noteworthy cycling related shops/framebuilders/events?

By noteworthy I guess mean something more than shops selling generic NJS gear etc etc.


Use the (google) search function! Seriously, in 15 seconds I found two great threads in other forums with lists of shops.

Come on! What is the point of this forum then, shut it down and redirect everyone to tarckbike FFS.

I’d rather some current recommendations from people here thanks. Selling FOA pretty short aren’t you?

You don’t think there are more people on Swedish & UK bike forums who have been to Stockholm more recently than everyone here?

all i found in stockholm when i was there in 2003 were bars, nightclubs, women, bottle-o’s, women, pubs, women…not in that order obviously.

Really good Sushi also.

Blakey why are you being like this? Look at the history of this forum and these kinds of threads are pretty common.

Can you bring me back a Koenigsegg?

did you miss out on the one for sale earlier this year?? was at the motorshow tucked away in the corner.

Coz I’m picking on you.

But seriously, I honestly believe you’ll get a much better answer to your query on a Swedish bike forum. Yes people here ask about O/S cities, but Stockholm is the path less travelled compared to Japan, London, SF etc. We also have people from O/S register here and ask locals for advice.

dfunkt was there 8 years ago, fixies hadn’t even been invented then, (citation required) and MAS*H was a rerun played mid afternoon on tv.

Huge lolz!

youtube Steve Hughs for his views on Sweden. Hilarious.

‘Yah, Steve, we are going…crazy here’.

Come home with a Kronan for cruising around on - you will need a massive luggage allowance though. And take a day trip to Copenhagen, aka the best city in the world.

Okay okay Blakey I want to know about Sweden, not about why you don’t agree with this thread… geezeeee

I’m so confused Horatio? I don’t know what you want? WHY CAN’T I PLEASE YOU?

Edit: I did some research for you:

Probably don’t need one of these:

Now you tell me…

that’d be the ONLY thing i’d want from that list Blakey…

you don’t know me at all cries

I sorry, please forgive.

For you:

You know Blakey when I find this ultra rare prototype Rene Herse touring bike in Sweden painted in yellow and blue for 50 kroner… I won’t tell you about it.


Hells Yes!

That’s Finnish, kind of like this thread. I was there 3 weeks ago… though have no bikeshop reccomendations. Just get on the cider & enjoy