Any good u reckon?????

Came across these today… good price but any good???

what does everyone think…?

I guess it depends on how you define good.

High quality? Probably not.

Do the job and cheap? Yes.

true true… i guess to get onto something seems ok…

Some of the guys in Brisbane ride them.

They aren’t that light but they are tough and cheap - and they come in Barbie colour.

I wonder what the aluminium fork is like?

cheap tubing and ugly welds aren’t going to stop you having fun on a bike.

personally though i’d rather buy a nice steel frame that could last 50 years, rather than a succession of alloy ones that last 5 at the most.

I’ve got one coming on the way since the Peugeot + Trispoke died.

Should be here tomorrow. Update soon.

yeah let us all know, i’m tempted to replace my bent sloppy conversion

I was trying to get info on these frames a couple of weeks ago

scouring the internet the general consensus(filtering through all the instant haters who’d never seen or ridden one) was that the people who owned them generally liked them and i didn’t see any mention of problems.

Like was said before two things that always come up
ugly welds
not particularly light

two words…sticker bike.

I am no TIG welding expert, but check the pics of the rear of the bike and look how messy and high the welds are. Have to wonder about penetration of the weld etc.

I would also have personal moral concerns. To me this is the epitome of modern consumerism. Shiny, cheap, globalised and souless. Just get a used frame??

true about alll that moral,consumer shit i rekon the ‘real’ step up and w/ a projection of longer life span and also supporting local is the eighth inch from GEAR at 250 delivered( free delivery to xmas) .

But being able to get a used track frame for ~$200AUD is now a thing of the past.

But being able to get a used track frame for ~$200AUD is now a thing of the past.

What about this vintage look frame from the state?

slightly more than AUD$200 though; excld shipping

mmmm go the sparkles

Hopefully your moral concerns cover the cheaper (i.e. the ones that aren’t made in Italy) branded track bikes too, since it’s likely that at least some of them are made by the same company. This way you at least cut out the middleman, whose purpose is to make the bike less cheap and hence more respectable by taking a cut.

But I do agree that in many aspects of our society used products are under rated and seen in a poor light.

Built up mine yesterday.

I gotta say it’s pretty decent. Extremely stiff frame.

Welding is pretty messy and the paint job is meh but for $200 shipped to your door I don’t really care. 99% sure it comes from the same factory that Leader/Hillbrick get their aluminium frames from.

Not really much else to say - it’s just the average aluminium frame well worth the price. Perfect to replace a broken or stolen bike haha.

Here’s a crappy phone pic of mine…hipster special :evil:

Paint it black. Brand whore.

sorry sped

thats embarrassing…