Any idea what this frame might be?

This is probably a long shot, there’s not much to go on from the pictures I’m sorry. Anyone have an idea on what this frame might be. The post is a bit dodge, why are all the identifying stickers sanded off and nothing else? :confused:

Bike frame, wheels, pedals | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Devonport Area - Devonport | 1043131157

Probably stolen.

Does seem that way :frowning:

No idea, even with those hi-res crystal clear pictures. Not many shit frames had internal cable routing, so give the guy a six pack, take it home and have a closer look.

Thanks P!N20, that was my thought as well.

^ Looks like there might be the remnants of a head tube decal - might help with ID.

Well, I went and picked it up this afternoon. The guy seemed really nice and genuine. From the look of his shed I’d say he was a tinkerer and this was just an unfinished forgotten project of his. Unfortunately he couldn’t tell me any info about the frame, but for $25 no big loss.

I have’t had a decent look at it yet but I’ll post some pics and some more info on the weekend when I get a bit of time. Really interested to possibly find out what this frame could be.