Any of you ever ride....?


Or know where it is?

I would so come down from Sydney to ride a sprint here or something.

It’s just the drains. Not sure where, maybe between dickson and turner.

Just the drains?

Would it be long enough to hold a sprint race in?
It looks like heaps of fun.

Pfffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttt there is nothing special about those drains, believe me.

You have better drains in Sydney :wink:

I’ve ridden through most of the ones in the Northside, pretty much the same as every stormwater drain in Australia, there is quite lot of km worth, and some are useful shortcuts.

The highlight was some BMX guys building a wallride on one with scaffolding, can’t report on how it turned out but looked like a serious project.

we all ready had sprints in em’ and it was the most fun i have had in a long time.

I spoke to a few people in Sydney today and we would be keen to road trip down for a race and spend the weekend in canberra.

If you guys wanted to put on a sprints/and or race theres a bunch of us that would be up for a visit. Im sure we could help hook up some sponsors from up here too.

Sydney vs Canberra. You up for it?

the skmocan guys ( organised the last drain races, and they are about to hold a puzzlecat type event. That event was nearly going to be a drain race, but they decided to do the puzzlecat rather than get risk getting pigeonholed as “those drain race guys”. Keep an eye on the Canberra forums for more info on the upcoming event!

However the next drain race they organise is going to be sponsored by Knog, and a photoshoot for a knog catalogue may or may not be taking place there… :wink: So that may well be a bit of motivation for the Sydney types to come along!

This looks like the drains behind Dickson, running parallel to Antill st on the other side of the playing ovals. Great for racing, a good km or so open like that with a couple of pedestrian bridges. Passing up on the slopes gives a good dive, but be careful of the escape ladders!

  • Joel

escape ladders?.. watch the fukin slime in the middle it is the ‘slime of certain death’…

There may be the occasional outbreak of death slime yes. Holy shit when did fixed gear riders become such pussies?!

  • Joel

Don’t doubt the death slime, I got decked just walking across that shit!! :oops: There are some bigger straighter sections near the racecourse and summernats place, but it doesn’t link up to the others.

haha lol, just not up on my immunisations. the partof the drains where the last sprints where was perfect. two bends and a slight rise . bridge to bridge.

That section’s just to the left of macarthur street in O’connor, some fun sections but can be dodgy if it’s got too much debris around, pretty interested in the puzzlecat ride!

They aint the dickson drains…those ones are about 3 times as wide and not as steep…I’d say belconnen drains…maybe

I binned it on my DJ in that death slime…its actually so fuckin slippery!!!

Its the drains just near Macarthur Ave bike path crossing.

Yes, many young players get wiped out by the slime.