Any one miss out on Melb Roobaix registration?

Want to buy mine?
I’ve got two jobs (recently and annoyingly) scheduled during and right after the ride. I don’t have the wherewithal to do all three.
So whadya say? Send me $20 and I’ll forward all correspondence from the Director Sportif to you (the start location is being announced on Friday, ride is Sunday) then you can just show up and tell them your me. Or I’ll email Andy and tell him some one else is using my registration. He’s a decent chap, shouldn’t be a problem.

PM me if your interested. First come first served.

PM’d… (was I first?)

interested in the selling process - i may also have a golden ticket up for grabs. let me know how it goes.

Well xBBx, if I missed out on Mr Cellardoor’s ticket, I’ll jump in line for yours - or perhaps the modern way of selling it would be on ebay?

not mine, but i’ll let you know.

I need 2 of possible, work filters prevented me and Mrs Greenmachine snapping ours up

the spot that brendan speaks of has been sorted out. make sure you keep andy in touch re: selling spots. k?

Thanks Cellardoor - hope we can work out the payment eh? Check your PMs

I missed out - if there’s another one going, I’ll definitely take it.

I’ve got one for sale.


it doesn’t cost that much to fill up a vespa does it?

Nah, only about $7 if I put Ethenol in it.

I’m saving for a sweet exhaust like this one.

i get the impression that TC’s latest missive is in response to this.

i’ll take it with a $75 discount


about turning up with proof that you bought the ticket. you got that email, right?

I doubt it has anything to do with this, I’m pretty sure that was the plan anyway.

I might not be able to make it on Sunday either…damn work.

If anyone wants tix PM me, and I should be able to let you know today or tomorrow if I am not using them.

PM’d you wjwat1 - def. want rego if it’s still available.

AHHHHHH bugger!!! i cant make it tomorrow so if anyone wants in on my ticket, pee em me.