Any one racing at Lysterfield this weekend.

Any one racing at Lysterfield this weekend, Trail mix has organized a cx race.

I’m gonna try and get some peeps to drive 2km up the road and get DRUNK AND CRAZY

yes… hell krew will be represented there.

no word on if the infamous ‘burning drum o’ fun’ will be there.

MTBA day licences are $20, race entry is $15 (open)/$20 (cx).

if you have any questions ask these guys.

When is this happening on the weekend? Might head down.

$20 for entry? Bah humbug

Don’t look at the CV Open entry fees then :wink:

I’m cool with paying open fees as I presume the majority of the money goes to CV. Just wondering what the extra $10 is for? Do you guys run DDCX at a loss/subsidised by BCC?

like everything in life the price is defined by a variety of factors.

  • FGP is a business, DDCX isnt.
  • We use less traditional (and less costly) marketing techniques… they might not.
  • We are all volunteers, they may not be.
  • We have some very helpful and resourceful friends, they might need to pay for that kind of help.
  • We know that race fees+licences can be a barrier to entry and we try to minimise that barrier (especially if you arent used to paying more than $5-10 for an alleycat ;))

I’m not defending that pricing (nor CVs for that matter) but they have a right to set whatever price they want and it will (in part) define who attends.

We have actually given BCC a reasonable wack of money so far (and would have done the same last year if we hadnt thrown a free bbq and had some mathematical ‘challenges’ during the final round podium payouts ;)).

sooo, is the HK tent going to be out again?

i’ll be nursing after saturday night, the loud noises should do me good.

Nice turn out from the dirty deeds crew today with some results. I had forgotten how nice it is out at Lysterfield we should do a ride there soon.

Images and videos coming yooooooo


How you are not a professional camera man filming in Hollywood is beyond me.

You just wait till you see the other videos!
Pro as!



Dylan really brought the spirit to the race (literally and figuratively).

Not seen: His jim beam energy drink and using fosters can bidon.

If Trailmix gave out whimsical prizes, Dylan would have taken all three spots on the attitude podium. Racing, heckling, encouraging.

PS MTBers, learn to give bottle handups properly. I watched numerous bottles go flying into the weeds in the back straight.

is there a race report anywhere?

Hilarious videos. Dylan should have been listed as one of the obstacles on the course