Any Track racers in rAdelaide (Bargains)

Buy Azzurri Sprint track bike, Azzurri, Track Bike for Sale in Adelaide, SA

Buy Hillbrick carbon Pista track bike, Hillbrick, Track Bike for Sale in Adelaide, SA

Holy shit! That’s so cheap. I’d love to get that Azzurri as a street fixay.

Yeah, it’s pretty rad… pity I’m permanently broke these days, and still finishing the Paconi. Kids are expensive money pits.

Houses and OS trips are expensive too.

Oh yeah, too true… Mortgage is baseline constant. Wait till the kids come along, and rob every free penny you have (bless em).

geeezus i want the hillbrick :frowning: two half finished already and broke to boot

I want that azzurri.
Tried calling but no answer. So emailed them to see if they will post but no word yet. Anyone near there who would be willing to freight it to me if need be?

Tomorrow is a Public hol here too, so try em on tuesday morning