Anybody got Lynskey?

I think I want to rationalise my quiver a bit, the old Paconi’s a bit too laid back and my Dean’s a bit too aggressive for my old bones. Looking around for a durable “do-all” roadie with Geo somewhere in between and the Lynskey R230 has caught my eye - anybody here got Lynskey & can give a view on build quality, ride quality etc etc?

user mckenny for one.

A friend of mine has the Helix model, and to be honest the build quality/welds are amazing. And the helixed down tube is a pretty impressive feat of engineering. Can’t afford one myself so can’t comment on ride.

I see a road Lynskey around Bruns fairly often, Mckenney’s and Grandpa Grumpy’s ( I kid, I kid) mentioned above are both CX models. I’ll try to recall who owns it and get back to you.

Edit: A mech at Commuter just picked up a sweet sweet 58cm Merlin Ti, different maker, but you could always kneecap him :wink:

Baum’s too pricey?

Why do you want a Lynskey? All the ones I see on the road seem to be very slow for such a high price.

LOL. It’s Ti and the geo is about right. And I’ve let go of any pretensions I might have had about fast.

(edit: and the price looks pretty good to me compared to most brand-name ROC Crabon)

What’s not to love:

mckenny’s is almost as perfectly formed as its rider

(feel free to correct my use of its’, i couldn’t work out which was right)

i like mine. it doesn’t have that twisty downtube shit though. does that even do anything other than look cool?

i swap the wheels out and use it as a roadie a lot of the time.

i also like the fact that i can sweat all over it when i’m on the rollers and not have to worry about rust.


Similar principle to Columbus Max profiled tubing. In other words yes, pretty much to look cool.

They look amazing with the full polish job like that one horatio posted… if you’ve got an extra $2k.

A friend has got a Cooper Cx. He really likes it.

Not my cup of tea but every one I’ve seen and even test ridden is very impressive. I gotta say they do what they do very well and seem to be finely made.