Anybody ride to LaTrobe Uni Bundoora?

Anyone go to Latrobe Uni in Bundoora?
Is there a decent bike path or bike lanes out to there from the city/Northcote/Fitzroy/ Carlton etc???

There’s a SICK bike path out there. Follows that damm creek I cant remember the name of.

Edit; Darebin Creek. Map here.

I used to ride out along the 250 bus route. Pretty nice bike lanes almost all the way. Just be careful when you get to Waterdale Rd.

I used to ride down the tram tracks in the middle of Plenty road. Roomy!

It felt so good, I even called up the local police station to see if it was illegal, they just said “nobodys going to bother you for doing that.”

punk status: revoked :stuck_out_tongue:

i work right near there. plenty road ain’t so scary.


I’m here/there sometimes, maybe we can get together in the Ag and masturbate over track bikes?

(or just have coffee in the ag…)

What a lovely day!


i take kids to the rec centre at la trobe for PE sometimes. you wanna come help some very naughty boys on the rock climbing wall?

ha! I glued some of those holds up back in my LUMC days…

or maybe we shouldn’t:

I think 16km should be enough airspace separation from the asbestos in Elizabeth st :smiley:

jeez, now everyone knows i only ever read the headlines…

Heehee. You could always blame it on your RSS feed or something.

i probably should’ve called that triva question answering service… :evil: