Anyone ever used an iPhone lens adaptor?

Just wondering has anyone used a clip-on lens for the iphone? My question is, do they work, or are they just a gimmick? What would the zoom quality be like I wonder?

Taken to the extreme, I found this:

If you’re gonna go to the effort of getting a lens adapter, you might as well just carry an actual camera, amirite?

I bought the fish eye one off ebay for about $8

It was cool, and novel for about 10 minutes. I haven’t used it since. The photos were cool and stuff, but having to carry around an extra lens was a PITA because of the dangly nature, and the fact that it was only secured with a magnet, so you forever live in fear of losing it. Plus the little ring you attach to your lens with doule sided tape, whilst protecting the lens, ruins the sleek, polished look of my iProduct. Plus it wont fit on my iPhone 5.

i got one of these,

^That wont get old at all.

Horatio, I know somebody who has an zoom adapter (though not sure if its the one above). Used it like 3 times and never used it again. Too cumbersome and kind of redundant.

Heres a trick ive done on my iPhone. Put a drop of water on the lens and you get awesome Marco shots. There a seal so you dont have to worry about water getting in. really good effect.

Heres a photo of a 20cent coin

^ That’s awesome!

Similar shots can be achieved with a garden variety magnifying glass.

Holy fuck shortsie that is awesome!



Chapeau Jams, beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

I lolled.

my missus bought one of ebay a while ago, the wide angle n fish eye works really well… the macro not so much cause you need to use a mini tripod or you’ll get blur pics everytime…