Anyone fancy a beer?

So I’m in Sydney and have done my Chartership review for the Institution of Civil Engineers today. I know no-one in Sydney and wasn’t sure if I would just want to cry this evening.

Turns out it seemed to go OK (results not out until 10 weeks time).

Anyway I’m staying in the Rocks area if anyone fancies a beer hit me up on

ohh 4 won for five nyne 3 for free for


Sorry mate, most of us are married or have kids and need a little more notice :frowning: Those of us who are living the swell single man’s life have busted ACL’s at the moment.

I hope you get the result you wanted though.

Would be keen but I have to play some sort of ball sport tonight (please nobody judge me).

No worries, I know it’s late notice.

Tomorrow night? got a spare ticket to a gig at the oxford arts factory if your interested?

Sounds like the start of a bromance :wink:

Sorry dude, I fly back tomorrow afternoon, going to have to nip this bromance in the bud :frowning:

No dramas.

If it hadda been this arv I would’ve suggested a quiet ale or two at the Lord Nelson… I work right next to the rocks.