Anyone fancy a ride in St Lucia area?

Relatively new to riding fixed and am looking to get more hours under my belt. Been riding a geared bike to work every day but am planning on commuting fixed once I’ve got a conversion I’m working on up and ready.

I already have a Charge Plug racer which I ride at weekends. Considered the Saturday morning rides but I’m working 12 hour days at the moment and appreciate that little bit extra time in bed on a Sat! I’m pretty bad at getting my feet into my BO straps and a few steep hills would probably kill me at the moment.

Anyway if anyone lives over in this area let me know, I live in the student area but am not a student. I don’t really know my way around so if anyone knows a decent route to take that would be grand.

I’ll be doing river loops Monday and Tuesday and Coot-tha on Thursday. Usually ride with one or two friends on roadies and would be passing the roundabout on indooroopilly and lambert around 5:30am.

Feel free to come for a spin.

I am headin away fr a few weeks, but when I get back i’d be up fr a ride.

Hey Ryan, do you do that often? I’m crazy busy at work at the moment and need to be at my desk for 6:30am :frowning: Maybe in 2/3 weeks a ride that early would fit the bill once work has calmed down.

Glad Rappa, sounds good just give me a shout when you’re back.


no worries, the offer is always there. I ride at least twice a week before work then a longer one on the weekend.

hey we do a girls ride to st lucia some times on wed afternoon 5.30 ish you are welcome to join : ) ps i am up for a morning ride to some time soon need to get into more long rides

hey ryan you do cootha fixed?

bin wondering bout having a chop at that soon. the fact that i dont actually own a brake might prove troublesome but meh, i might have a crack at it once i move houses and shit in the next week or so

red one im keen to have a run down cootha if you are.

hey red, yep fixed.

anyone keen to go up Thursday morning?

Cheers for the replies guys.

Kris-K, I’m still chained to my desk at 5:30 at the moment but in a couple of weeks I’d be up for that.

So, I needed to come into work today and thought I’d give the Charge a whirl.

The hills I thought would cause me problems were pretty easy, in fact easier than I find them on my crappy commuter bike.

I’ve found that the fixed is the fastest and even easiest one through the hills around that area. With gears its too easy to slack off or shift down, which is worse as it just means you grind for longer. Fiexd forces you to power up it and recover later.

anyone keen for a river loop in the morning? all welcome.

I was in Brissy a few months back around st lucia and saw two dudes on fixies flying through the streets, overtook the car i was in