anyone for a shake?

Alternative Bike Co. | Shakesta | The super smoothie-making bike.

Smoothie Bike. Static Peddle Powered Blender By Alt Bike Co. The Shakesta Static | eBay

Most people’s solution to the problem of needing to make a smoothie would be to plug in and drain the life out of the national grid. But we’re a bike company and came up with something much more innovative and, frankly, alternative. Introducing the Shakesta, pedal powered smoothie goodness. Great for a variety of uses including events, festivals, youth groups and school enterprise programmes. Genius

There was something similar at the last Brisbane Swap meet.

Static Peddle Powered Blender By Alt Bike Co. The Shakesta Static | eBay


This would so be marketable if you could change the appliance,ratios to also run bigger powered things…

and made the rear end a lot more stable, improve the transfer of power from wheel to blender, improve efficiency, kind of change the whole design… its not a new idea but it is a great idea, just could be executed better, i know this is the same method, just an example

check this guy, just park regular bike, pedal and wallah, pump, and he can ride it home

need to take the tractor “power take off” and apply here, universal joint, gearbox and awesomeness will follow

don’t mean to rag on it but you could do better easily

There’s was a very DIY version of these at the JH Memorial Ride to Work pit stop this year. I can’t remember the business name but they made some damn nice fruit smoothies.

It could be Matt The Smoothy Peddler? Been rigging up DIYs for years…