Anyone goin to the Track Nats?

Who is headin out to Gepps X next week to see some of the Aussie cyclists Qualify for the Commonwealth games?
I scored me a coupla free tickets from a comp, so I’m heading out to Friday Nights session.
Should be awesome

Would be keen on checking it out on Saturday morning.

Starts at 1pm and is free, Evening sessions are cheap enough too.

"Adelaide Super-Drome
2-7 February 2010
See Australia’s best track cyclists compete for Commonwealth Games
Tuesday to Saturday 1pm - 4pm & 6.30pm - 9pm
Sunday: 9am - 5pm
Event Schedule
FREE entry to afternoon sessions "

shit yes everyone should go and check it out, you will be impressed

Saturday evening sounds good, what with keirin finals n all.

im super keen to go saturday night… maybe we should just ride up from aldinga

I’m keen and have no plans for Saturday (as of yet).

The Keirin would be good to watch for sure.

I’ve no plans for Saturday night as yet so that could be cool.

i went last night, was pretty good and they have a bar, even better.

mens sprints were crazily fast. and womens points race over 25km averaging 49km/h, not bad

Yeah, Mandy and I might be keen. Depending on if I can walk after Saturday or not.

I’m headin out tonite with my eldest and a mate.
If anyone else is about say g’day.
I’ll be the bloke in a “Beer Advocate tee” with a 10 year old in tow.

Just rocked in from the Nats.

Man that was some awesome shit.

Mens u19 keirins was faaast, but the highlight for me was the mens 40k points race.
That race was a high paced world of pain for thos e boys.
Bobridge is an absolute Machine,and blew em away for the gold.
Don’t miss this stuff if you are thinking about it.

He rode a very intelligent ride. Massive improvement from just a kid with huge talent.
A very tactical 160 lap race. SBS were there and it will be shown in a couple of weeks.
Nothing like being there.

WERD.My mate was blown away by the whole scene,and left awestruck at the pace and strength involved in track.
He seemed to be taking an awful lot of pics while the girls were out there too :wink:

track racing is the shit

if you want to learn something and understand more about your fixed gear freestyler bike, and see what it really takes to make it go fast, have a look at some actual track racing because it will BLOW YOUR MIND

i really hope some of you guys went tonight, was absolutely packed and the racing was amazing

I went out and checked it out tonight, just missed the keirin which was disappointing but the points and scratch were both well worth watching.

I was mildly amused to note that there were only 2 other bikes locked up along with mine.