Anyone have a Grovel?

Just mulling over some options for racing CX this year and am curious as to whether anyone has a Grovel and what they think of it?

Would Lemontime’s Jamis fit you?

Just get a Ravn

$1k is a lot for an off the peg steel frameset made on an island in the pacfici

I like this thinking.

It’d fit me, and I’m mighty tempted, but that would remove the motivation to make one.

2015 is the year of the consumer. Making things is very 2014.

Yes, yes it would…

One of the guys at work owns one, I’ve worked on it. He really likes it, it feels pretty light for steel and has a mean looking front end. Everything’s very smooth and neat on the frame. Hope that helps.

Know a few people on them, rode with a bunch of them on saturday. Have seen one podium in a fast B grade CX race.

Having heard a bit about the intention of them they are supposed to be little more relaxed than your average race cx bike and fit a big tyre/fenders/etc, but not slow on the blacktop.

I know a few of them have not been spared any niceties as part of their lives thus far (lot of dirty and rough kms, often with loaded hipster panniers) and appear to be holding up well.

I thought max clearance was ~38mm?

but can 2nd I know a few that have been ridden alot.