Anyone have a hatchback style bike rack?

Hello Mafioso,

Does anyone have a detachable hatchback compatible bike rack? You know the ones with straps and cords etc, I’ll be using it on a Ford Focus. Ideally I’d like one that can fit 3 MTB’s, but if it only fits two then I can work with that. Sort of like this:

If you do I’d like to borrow it for the first weekend of April(1st, 2nd and 3rd of April). I can pay you in hi-fives, hugs, beer, coffee, freshly baked bread, home grown Aubergines or any other agreed compensation.

Thanks friends.

Can also include fresh figs and chillis in the payment list…

yeah, i think that I’ve still got a 3 bike one that I haven’t used in yonks. You can have it.

Don’t need any egg-plant but I would never say no to beer or beans.

I’m at work at the moment so I need to get home to confirm its still there.
I ebayed a lot of stuff last year and I can’t remember if I sold it or not.

Yeah, i have a saris bones 3 rack you can borrow. PM me.

Rueben had one a while back that we used on my old car, fitted 3 mtbs fine, maybe hit him up?

Ok so I still got it. Looks like you got plenty of offers. I’m out at Burwood, so PM me if you need it.

All sorted, thanks folks!