Anyone have a Low tooth Track Chain ring???

Need one for a race on Saturday (hill climb)… Looking for some thing in the low 40’s in 1/8 and 144 bcd… I guess BMX must have made one that low…

Otherwise I’ll just use my legs…

Ultimately I’d just like to borrow one but hey I can pay for the glory too…

Let me know ASAP please

Yo, I’ve got a black 42t cycle underground ring… as new. Yours for whatever they cost.

A big cog would be cheaper … 21t or 22t?

Stefan, How much is that???

Website says $50, I’ll give you $40???

Ben, don’t want to go bigger as I’ll need a longer chain, with a smaller chain ring I can just use an old chain I’ve shortened.

got one too! too bad you didn’t need 110 or 130, I’d have given it to you for a song! (the 144 is already on my peacemaker).