anyone have experience with owing the government money (centrelink).

long story short, centrelink has paid me money in error, more than once. I was told to ‘wait for a letter’ once i brought the first instance of payment to the attention of the lady at the local centrelink. that was about a month ago, still waiting on that letter, and they paid me again today. (transfers on a sunday wut). I haven’t spent any of the money, cos you know, it’s not mine to spend, but i’m worried about getting clusterfercked by the government for essentially their fuck up for some reason.

has anyone had previous experience with this, ie how long will it take for the magic letter to turn up? should i cause a fuss to cover my ass or should i just sit here and earn interest on it?

i’d call centrelink and ask, but they have bullshit opening hours and i’m studying for exams n stuff.

Their recovery team will get it eventually, a cousin didn’t repay and he ended up going though all the tribunals to avoid it

They’re slow but not totally inept

You will eventually have to pay it back. They did it to me twice whilst on youth allowance. The letter will come just keep hassling and above all don’t spend it! Or do. Whatever I’m not your mum.

edit: if you’ve brought it to their attention and aren’t scamming them then all is sweet. So don’t stress.

It will take a while for the letter. If you do spend it (by accident or otherwise), and can’t afford to pay it back in a lump sum, you should be able to pay it back in instalments.*

  • I only know this works with Disability Support Pensions.

Edit: I’d just leave it in your account, earn interest on it, you’ll get a letter or two and then pay it back.

Got $8k in tax fines for bas statements once,

was reversed, So all good.

Short answer is don’t mess with government monies.

This happened to me a couple of times too. From memory when the letter came it demanded the money back pretty fast (14 days maybe) so keep it handy.

Put it all on black

Had them overpay me once, didn’t say anything for a month then spent it. That was over five years ago, still waiting for that letter.

Its probably in the mail now.

Several years ago now, you got elect to pay it back in $20/week debited from your payments. Pissed em off no end.

If you don’t need the cash put it in a seperate account with interest / credit card etc, so you can pay them back easily.

Make a run for it man!

Chuck it in a term deposit and when they ask for it back give it to them and just think of the interest accrued as a bit of good will on behalf of Hon Joe Hockey.

This is the best suggestion. Or just give it back now. These days you’re not gonna stick it to the man like you used to

It will come.
I had a friend get overpaid 7 years ago, and got a summons just recently!
He must have moved, or ignored the letters that were sent to him.

Give it back those assholes will probably charge YOU interest and waste countless hours of your life you will never get back.

don’t spend it cl are fucked, when i was at tafe for 3 years the last year they decided i wasn’t entitled to aus study i think the last semester my hours changed slightly so they decided to hit me up for a bill for the entire year saying i wasn’t entitled to get it, tried to fight it went on for a while people kept on putting it in the hard basket. finally they just put it through to the tax office so when i did my tax return for the next two years it went to centrelink.

Launder it through your local casino.