Anyone have one of those shitty Dura/600AX headsets?

Here’s some wrenches!
Wrenches for Shimano Dura-Ace AX / 600 AX Headset. - eBay Accessories, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 10-May-10 08:14:48 AEST)

Possible the dumbest interface in cycling. But are they worse than french threading?

Funny how WI hubs have copied the spline idea like 30 years later…

The only reason why French is considered silly is because it was the minority, going against already other well-established systems and as such, unusual. The actual threading makes a lot of sense - all metric sizes, mostly whole integers(i.e. - 25X1mm fork steerers, 35X1mm bottom brackets, 26 and 28mm tubing etc.). I know ISO measurements are more or less derived from whole or major fractional imperial measurements, but really, as for Italian standards, WTF? Metric diameters, Imperial threading and obsolete British thread angles all in one (Italian BBs are 36mmX24tpi, 55 degree thread angle)!
Just my two cents.
That aside, I was hoping your post was a link to a $5 set of those 600/DA spanners. Still might pick 'em up though, as one of our bikes has that very headset…not that you can’t get by with a normal 32mm headset tool.

I guess I’ve heard similar things. I also heard somewhere about Citroen having metric wheels on some of their cars, the SM perhaps?

bless the french, vive la difference eh?. . i have one of these headsets i reckon they look neat, i get by with a careful hand on a standard spanner though.