Anyone have the obsolete tool for PD-7401 pedals?

Long shot- does anyone have the TL-PD30 tool for the PD-7401 Dura Ace pedals?
These are the first generation clipless pedals from Shimano which use the clip mechanism licensed from Look.
The bearings are nice, but to adjust them you need a unique splined spanner model no. TL-PD30.

Or perhaps there is a work around- thoughts?

Like this:


pipe pliers/ wrench with curved jaws- use some inner tube on the jaws :slight_smile:
Used them to fit out board bottom brackets too before PBK had a cheap tool to do the same- and for removing and tuning various look pedals and the dustcaps on campag - the list goes on and on. cost of tool $4.99 was useless for plumbing but never leave it out of my bike tool box.

Thanks for that- great idea. Should I be looking for a particular model of plier- I imagine one that is fairly narrow would help?

Sorry, I only have TL-PD40.

Yeah thanks anyway. I can’t imagine many people would have the TL-PD30 since it’s well and truly obsolete.

I’ve got a couple of the PD30s, one in Oz and one in the UK. The problem is that I am in the UK and I have no idea who you are. Loaned tools often come back as junk or not at all.

This is true. I’m friends with Blakey- does that help things? :smiley:

doesn’t really matter- you just need something to undo that ring- it is not like a cone spanner where you need to have another spanner holding the locknut- like I said mine were just out of a Mitre10 $5 bin

Open spanner or cone spanner of snug fit, use a rag to protect the edges. Just like a shimano 600/dura ace headset with the super dumb flower shaped locknuts.

  • Joel

Thanks I just had a go and the adjustable spanner did the trick!