Anyone in melb actually ride fixed?

At least once a week I see an old road bike or new track bike with a front brake only coasting down the street.

Now the key word in that sentence in ‘coasting’

Is there a trend for running only a front brake on a single speed non fixed bike?
Is that even sensible?
What the hell, does anyone in melb actualy ride their bike with a fixed gear? because every time I think I see a fixie it starts coasting.

Yes apparently. I see heaps of front brake only singlespeeds too. The cynic would say they’re trying to look like a fixed (who knows why you’d want to look like a fixed rider?). Otherwise I guess it’s for aesthetics.

Who knows? And who cares?

have a read. he raises some valid points.
luckily we have a dearth of fixies, fakengers, and singlespeed fixie wannabes up here.
pretty much all the fixie riders here are pretty cool with only one real exception so far, and he hasn’t been seen since a few of us had a quite word word about acting like a wanker and screwing with our livelihoods.
ok, two if you count the muppet i work with.
the fixie craze has reached the stage in some parts of the states that it’s actually almost impossible to buy a decent frame now without having about $400 in your hand.
and the fakenger scene is causing a lot of friction between real messengers, fakengers who are causing accidents and problems, and the cops who can’t/won’t tell them apart.
and so another indi lifestyle is slowly co-opted into the mainstream. remember the “no brakes, no problem” nike ad recently?

In a word, no. IMO only having a front brake on a coaster is just fucking dumb. Who cares about aesthetics when you can’t stop properly?

Nothing wrong with Coasting- I wish I had a coasting option when I ride down the steep part of Lonsdale St to work in the morning… damned coasters passing me meh!!

A timely post…!

This morning in Sth Melbourne… a wannabe, singlespeeder on a white, track frame, two brakes, messenger bag - running lights, being a dickhead, making us all look bad. Well done f@ckhead!

Saw another singlespeeder on another white track frame in Richmond recently - bullhorns and one front brake?! Can you spell… d-e-a-t-h-w-i-s-h?

Riding bikes is fun… just enjoy what you ride. If it’s a s/s, ride it as a s/s, don’t pretend to yourself that it’s something else. Cos we can allspot it and you just look like an idiot.

By Geroge I think I got it…

These singlespeedsters are beginning to adopt the back pedal brake! :smiley:

Style police?

Like something? Do it/Wear it.

Get upset because someone looks like you? Cry.
Or better yet: innovate.

coaster brakes are great. not so good in traffic though. the response isn’t very direct,

It’s not a style objection for me. I just don’t understand why you’d want a freewheel and no brake. That would scare me. But then I scare easily :slight_smile:

I still think it’s insane, but hey, so was riding a brakeless fix a few years back.

I’ll bite.

I used to commute on a geared bike with only a front one brake.

The reason was I had a disc rim on the back, and it was part of the ghetto-commuter-who-would-steal-a-freak-bike thing.

Had no problems with stopping at all. It was a v-brake however and in emergency stops I tended to get the rear wheel off the ground rendering a rear brake useless…

It is not that much different to a fixie with one brake.

Maybe these people are taking the ‘you only get 15% of your braking power out of your rear brake’ thing to the max?

The thing is, with a rear brake you wouldn’t have had your rear wheel off the ground, as the momentum that pushes it up would be stopped by the brake.

I’ve never really understood the whole ‘I want to look like a bike messenger’ or ‘bike messengers are cool’ thing.
The bikes look great, but I couldnt think of anything worse then riding around the city at top speed in unattractive clothing with a heavy load on my back.
Im quite happy riding to work at a relaxed pace, which is where fixed gear street riding comes into its own I think. If I was going to fly around at top speeds I think I’d go back to singlespeed (with two brakes)

I use a messenger bag, and every time I ask at a bike shop about track bike parts I get asked if I’m a messenger (gah!). So if people are desperate to pretend to be messengers, there’s safer ways they could do it.

Carry a radio?

Maybe I should, just to cement the act.

Ive actually gone back to riding on a free wheel in the last week ( due to binning it whilst working, and wrecking my knee ). Its been a fun change. Im running a front brake only. No problems what so ever, especially when you consider the weather Melbourne has had for the last week. After reading this post It made me think about the way that I ride, and if you take lines / braking distances the same as you would when riding fixed, it should be no dramas. Who would have thought free wheeling / coasting would be fun ( Am I going to get banned from saying this ? :stuck_out_tongue: )


I would hope that anyone who said that, would only be banned from ‘saying’ it! Sarcasm aside, this forum is not an institution for segregation. True it was initially created as a way for fixie riders to meet, but fixie is not a culture that strives to separate itself from the form of it’s origin. You ride a bike, I ride a bike, he/she rides a bike and whoever says that someone should be banned on the grounds of whatever bike they ride is either mislead and/or a self-indulgent prick, who needs a reality check.

The two laws of riding:

  1. Have fun riding your bike.

  2. Do not look down on someone else’s bike, for that may by their pride and joy and it is not up to you/me to tell them what is good and bad.

End of rant… :smiley:

It was a joke. The few people that know me on here would have gotten that, or maybe the fact my sense of humour doesnt really translate that well to the net.

Totally agree with what you said about the dot points, its a pity a lot of people don’t really adhere to it ( well of late that is ).

Im Jarod by the way.