Anyone in melb actually ride fixed?

Hi Jarod :slight_smile: Yeah the net sucks for that. I think I was ranting from an overworked sleep deprived train of thought focused at the world in general (speaking of general I got General Gosgrove’s signature the other night!) rather than one individual.

Hope to spin the wheels with you mate :smiley:


Question to get you through Monday -

How do you get the better half to understand this?

Go out with a girl who likes your pretty fixie so much that she goes out and gets one for herself! :smiley:

Sit bones. Easier to enjoy oneself when one’s ‘soft tissues’ are not being punished.

No need to. She already does AND encourages me to ride.


I dont think ive ever dated someone who hasnt been into bikes.

My advice would be to take them on a ride ( summer is better, but if you pick your days, its all good ).

If the stupid grin on your face during / post a ride doesnt make them understand that bikes equal fun ( even if its just for you ), maybe said half isnt the best person for you.


Build her one, and make it beutifull.

kick her off yours, and make her one of her own.
or better yet, help her to make her own.

nat got on mine one night - went round the block came back and said “i want one”. too easy.

we were out drinking and some guy asked me why i rode fixed - she (not having her bike yet) answered for me “it’s like you’re one with the bike and the road”. nuff said.

now she’s all excited about her bike.

“Build it and they will come”

Ha… get it… sexual innuendo… priceless.

But seriously, It was my girl who got me into riding, although I take the credit for the fixed gear initiative.