anyone in taz?

good value IMO

Track bike

when i was a young one i saved for a cannondale lefty from tassie cycles, once i had enough money i went in all excited and they made me feel like shit, i can still remember the pain,

So i took my money and went to McBains and got a Giant. it was sweet. first taste of buying power.

if i only knew then what i know now.

I like it! the price is right too

Anyone bought it yet?

superbe pro…and cheeaapp.

Changed my mind, if he’s postin’ I’m buyin’ just waiting to hear back.

He gave me a price to have it posted of $250 to brissy…

Yeah i emailed him and said i will organise my own this is when it was first listed so i think its on its way to qld.
This was days ago.

did you get it or niot? he siad its still available so i hope no one has paid him??