Anyone in the US to help me out with shipping?

I want to order some stuff from RVCA, but they want to charge $50+ in shipping to Australia for a t-shirt, hat and book. They offer free ground shipping in the US!

I’m looking at transfering some money to someone’s paypal account, plus the shipping cost, plus some extra $$$ if they can order the stuff for me, get it shipped to their US address and forward it onto me. Did I mention RVCA offer free ground shipping in the US?

It should cost about $10 bucks at the most to post the shirt, hat and book to me in Australia, and I’ll throw another $10 in for your trouble, plus the cost of the items.

If anyone (semi-trust worthy) can help me, PM me.

I’m trying to remember how much postage has cost me in the past.
I think a derailluer was like USD$25.
Biggest factor will be size and weight of the book i reckon.

you could also ask them nicely to recalculate the shipping cost. the calculations made by the cart system might be pretty basic and err on the side of caution.

I got three records and a 2 cd’s posted to me for $20(US)…

I took the book (more of a booklet) off the order and it was only $4 cheaper. I emailled them and hopefully they can let me know a more approriate shipping cost. It was done through a paypal shopping cart, which may explain the cost.

i have a few friends on the east coast who i’m sure would help, i’ll ask them PM you.

Some of the Amazon shops pull this stunt too.
But retail OS postage for the average john is fairly dear, so you might not get too much joy.

i was trying to get a frame shipped just last month had the same problem with extreme postage costs. it’s insane!

it might be worth checking out a mail forwarding service (which i nearly had to use but luckily a friend was flying back this way and she brought the frame back with her). i found these two with prices that didn’t seem too high:

good luck!

email them and ask. a lot of the time those online postage calculators are up the shit.

yeah, I emailled them and they said they don’t ship to Australia…?

I’ll look into the mail forwarding. Thanks.