Anyone know where to get polka dot bar tape?

Pretty self explanitory…
Anyone know where to get polka dot bar tape?
Want to play a prank on a mate… :slight_smile:

Rakuten: Polka-Batepu stylish polka Dot Bar Tape around a stretch that cute polka dot handle Batepu- Shopping Japanese products from Japan

Am I the only one that has google installed on their computer?


EDIT: This should have been in the HELP section.

^^ Am I the only one that knows the difference between their and there?

Really, installed on your computer, not accessed via the interwebby?

IT police to the rescue…

might also have arrogance installed on there too… :slight_smile:

Google Chrome:D

Nope, I had my Nortons Anti Virus remove all that unwanted arrogance

Thanks for that,
Do you know where I can get white with red dots.
Like the Pro KOM…

insert image of white bar tape

insert image of red permanent marker

my googles has failed me across all browsers. pc also is dyed.

not sure what that is, but i might grab these to match the colnago pista i just bought :stuck_out_tongue:

MASH STOREROOM | Iscaselle Dainy Handlebar Tape

dont forget the matching jersey

holy haberdashery batman!

^ahah awesome

hahahha snap

new member of the month for that post!

I’m sure we could help you come up with a better prank… This polka dot bartape thing sounds like a fizzer.

Dencorub in the chamois cream… Now that’s a fucken gag!

Polka dot shmolka dot, i’m rollin some red snakeskin on the roadie now. AUS15

Polka dot, shmolka dot… I’m running this on the roadie at the Mo Snake Skin Handlebar Tape Has Arrived!


fuck you are fast, I posted and pasted what I thought was a link, but alas it was the last paste of a wiggle discount code from an order. You my friend have totally grabbed it and fixed it! Does rolling this tape mean I’ve got a small penis???