Anyone live near WARRAWEE, NSW and wanna help a fellow Fixed rider

Guys I need a hand

I have bought a semi complete road bike but the lad a bought it off won’t post it for me.

I am after a hand for someone to pick it up and post it.

I will Throw some cash your way if ya can.


I think user mwmeddy lives around there, like the next suburb away. Maybe contact him. It’s a bit out of the way for me and don’t have a car etc.
If no-one on here can do it, maybe contact a local bike shop and get the lad to drop it off for packaging.

If no one else can/no one else lives out that way, I can go for a drive and pick it up on the weekend for some beer money. Bit of a drive for me but its good for the karma.

fucking north shore lads


I’d need a passport to go there …

You mean you’d need a visa?

Can’t get a visa without a passport.

Just sayin’.


Thanks for the offers to help

frame is now in the post

I will post up some pics when it arrives.


No, passport … it’s feel like a different country to me (I’m a wog).
Mrs. Spirito is from them parts though … how low has she now stooped?

I keep telling her we should move back there but she’s scared I’m going to concrete the front yard, paint everything in primer and have a car sitting on blocks as part of a permanent display. Unfortunately, i don’t have the cash to buy a house up there … you know how much we like to use cash for everything !!!