Anyone need anything from wiggle?

I need a few bits n pieces from wiggle but not enough to qualify for free shipping. If anyone needs anything let me know an I can add it to my order, Ill even deliver it to you.

Are you buying?
That’s real nice of you.
I’ll have a 52cm Violet Gazetta please.

Im just trying to do something nice here, I mean come on Im even covering the free shipping costs ;p
Seriously though if anyone wants to add anything to the order, they can pay me on collection

how much do you need?

Only about 20$ short now that a few folks have tacked things on

Location? I’m guessing not London, as your profile location states?

Since this is posted in the Melbourne section…

If I was still in london this thread would be doubly pointless as you get free shipping on all orders within the uk


Have you already ordered? Can I shoot you a pm tonight with mah list? Do you have that 20% discount code? I can put it through my account if it’ll save a bit o cash

I havent got a discount code so Im more than happy to let someone else place the order provided that those folks that have already pmed me with requests dont have any objections.

That voucher expires in about 24 hours, unless we can organise everyone it might just be easier to put it through on your account. Lemme know.

no objections

Can anyone who is in on this shoot me a PM? Clockwork has sent me the list, but let me know how you want to exchange cash for goods etc. Order is through as of now