Anyone order direct from Paul"s Components

Thinking of getting some brakes and levers from Paul’s Components wondering if there customers service is anygood I have had issues with ordering from the US before.

Get them from Aspire Velotech and be guaranteed good service.

+1 for Aspire Velotech

Aspire is the business
I get stuff from them all the time…

I’ve ordered from Aspire. Good service. I’ve just ordered from Pauls, seeing Aspire didn’t have what I was after. So far so good.

I’ve ordered a couple of times from Paul in the past couple of months. Customer service is as good or better than anything I’ve used to date. Its quick, in nice boxes, and you get paul stickers for the fridge and car. In contrast, my las three orders from CRC have been duffed and I’m gettign sick of em.

yep it came today, ordered on the 13th, arrived on the 19th. Excellent.

plus one for Paul’s
good service and quick replies

have been emailling back and forth about them making up a small part . very friendly and knowledgeable