Anyone raced a random celeb?

Had a bazaar experience that i thought needed to be shared.

I was stopped at the Toorak rd / Chapel st traffic lights this morning, heading north, when a familiar face rolled up beside me, riding a spankin new kona MTB set up for commuting. i had another look and figured out where i knew the face from. it was Toby from ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’ fame as well as other random celeb chef shows.

this is where it got kind of weird, i was track standing in the middle of the lane and he pulled up right beside me even though there was plenty of room up front, or behind me. Then when the lights turned green he glanced over and he was off, out of his seat and really stomping on those pedals.

i kind of just sat back for a bit thinking how bazaar this is having a television personality trying to drag me off. he kept on looking back to see how close i was, and seeing me closer and closer was getting on his nerves a bit, so he was changing up gears and more stomping, but to no avail. as soon as he hit the hill as we got closer to the yarra, i pretty much just strolled past him. geared bikes dont seem to like hills as much as my track bike loves them.

i’m still laughing at how bazaar the whole situation seemed.

anyone else had a similar experience?

I raced Dippa to the bar at the G today! If that counts hehehe…?

most days of the week you’re gunna round up gears, celeb powered or not, on uphills on a fix

headwinds, now there’s another matter … or is it??