Anyone ride with kiddychairs?

So i figured most of the riders here would be younger blokes without kids, live close to the city etc.

My questions is more to the older guys who have young kids. I have a newborn and im trying to find ways to ride, however riding out by myself and leaving my young family at home alone isnt something im to fond of doing (the missus isnt too crash hot about the idea either)

So i figured ill need to think about a trailer or toddler chair of some sort, as it will slowly become more of a ‘family’ event rather than an individial ‘me’ time thing.

So who here ride’s their fixie with a kiddy trailer or kiddy chair? How do you find it? recommend a chair or trailer?

cheers jase

That’s probably the ultimate solution. ^^^

One of the couriers up here, Simon rocks a trailer with his little boy in it sometimes, he also straps half a dozen polo mallets to his top toptube and straps his sons bike to his back. Pretty interesting sight. :smiley:

Not sure I would want to use my kids as a crumple zone.

I had a kiddie chair that clipped onto the back of my pub/shop mtb, it worked pretty well on the burly alu MTB frame. I tried it out on one of my fixies, a noodly old 531 frame, but the handling went completely to shit.

A couple of mates and I used to do a sunday bike path breakfast run with the kids on the back. I was never keen on much road time with a kid on board, but that’s maybe just me. First son loved it until he was too big (rated carrying capacity was max 22kg but he’s a tall boy and grew out of it long before he reached that weight). The second kid wouldn’t have a bar of it.

I’d be waiting at least until the kiddie is big enough to sit and hold his/her head up with a helmet on and willing to sit reasonably still before biking with him/her. Even a few kilos of wriggling kid makes for ‘interesting’ bike handling.

never tried a trailer, couple of friends have them and like them but I wouldn’t want my kids in one of those on a (busy) road because of the (poor) visibility.

Captain, cheers for the feedback.

Yes, riding would definitely be limited to parks and cycle paths, being in Perth theres a few cycle paths and shared paths available, with some decent distances for a weekend cruise.

Riding on the road is definitely not an option im thinking about, its purely for a weekend get out with the wife and bub.

And yeh, ill be waiting till my kids big enough to fit in the chair as well. My bubs only 7 weeks, so have some time yet before ill be riding with the little one.

What else are they good for? :wink:

We sell heaps of the WeeRides in the shop. They make pedalling a little weird, but they put the kid right in front of you which has lots of benefits. I think their website is, check 'em out.

i like the positioning of the kid, but i think im gonna need to swap my drops for some risers :-o

Hey jaseyjase,
My wife and I have a child seat on the back of each of our bikes, and it works pretty well for us.We have two girls. We have the type that goes onto the rack that is permanantly fixed to the bike. I am not sure I would want to ride a fixie with a seat on the back though :?. I am also in Perth PM me if you want to check out the set up or ask any other questions.

I put the kids seat on the back on my mountain bike. I wouldn’t put it on the fixie - you need a lot more braking force and no matter how still he was when we set out he was soon moving about - usually to see what i was trying to avoid ahead and therefore forcing the bike towards it.
I found flat bars were needed. The whole centre of gravity changes. But the one thing i never did was ride clipped in. At low speed a move on the back could unbalance you.
Biggest ride we did was about 40km (with plenty of breaks). He loved it. Now he’s too big but confident enough yet on his own bike to tackle 40km.

Have fun.

thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it.

The question on everyones lips: will you be riding brakeless with said child?

Jaseyjase, I used one of those seats that the Captain referred to for my son - it clicks into a bracket that clamps onto the seatpost and like others I only used it on the old shitter mountain bike. Because he’s a solid lad the handling could be a bit sketchy but I never tipped him out of it.

I reckon we only used it about 6 or 7 times and I want to sell the seat so If you are interested (and you are in Melbourne) pm me.

As an aside I saw a mum at the top end of Melbourne CBD this morning with one of the most interesting kid carrying set-ups I’ve ever seen - she rode a full sized three wheeled bike that had a chest sized basket between the two rear wheels and a 4 year old in the back sitting sideways on a pillow. Kid was loving it.


I’ve seen a woman afew times on a cargo bike just like above, ride through Clifton Hill with twin girls in the crate. All three of them gave hand signals at the corners.


This post was sort to find out if any members did ride fixed and brakeless with a kid, and if so, how did they find it etc.

My ride has a front brake anyway, so riding brakeless didnt really come into the equation for me, plus the risk of anything happening with your kid on board is just silly.

My uncle actually has what you guys are describing, a big 3 wheeler. However he rigged up an electric motor and has 2x12v batteries running the thing, pretty awesome! I contemplated a fixed gear 3 wheeler :lol:

anyone seen one of these in all its polyviynlchloride glory?

thats fuggin mint! nice find!

Wee ride seems to be the only one with aus standards approval. A bit big and cumbersome for me. If you’re long legged you have to ride like some freaky circus clown with knees out to compensate for ungainly large dimensions of the weeride. These ones look killer ( plenty like 'em in euro/usa…) My boy is 9 months and nearly ready for some skids i reckon so I am trying to track down one which is approved. pm me for more details j-lo.

We couldnt wait until our new baby was old enough to sit up by himself in a kid seat, so we got ourselves a Cargo Bike, just like the one pictured earlier ( which has enough room for the baby capsule plus his 3 year old brother to sit beside.
Millions of smiles per hour.
Fairly safe on bike paths, away from cars most of the time.
Perfect for pootles down Merri Creek path and the Yarra Trail.
Mum loves the family rides too now because Dad aint speeding off ahead of her - now she waits for us!

useful things.