anyone riding the Coot-tha challenge Sunday?

always seems to rain - but closed course up coot-tha’s hard to pass up

i lolled

fuk up cvnt - we all know you won’t venture out on the bike for anything other than the commute to work or for the purposes of procuring darts and booze

sorry im not “a cyclist”, pretty sure im not the only one who preffers sleep to riding up stoopid hills.

and fyi, i have begun looping in the “procurement of darts and booze” to my work commute… durries on the way to… booze on the way home. winner winner chicken dinner

lol - you know the rentals are in town tomorrow through satadee?

Dear Sender

Thankyou for your post, unfortunatly i am out of the office and wont see this shit until sunday the 14th of march.

For urgent matter please go rob a bum for 50c to call any cvnt that may give a fuck besides me.



tis OK - I told them I’m out of town but they’re welcome to stay at mine and annoy you for the weekend

not doing it this year, however did it last year in the rain (they didnt call it off cause of the weather). coot tha’s pretty much at the start and then it’s your average ride through indro/darra/oxley etc. doesn’t really interest me. if you are doing it and it is raining watch out for super commuters/fair weather cyclists and their cornering/group riding skills on wet roads (or lack thereof).

yep - the chance to straighten out the corners on the coot-tha climb is the only enticement


I can ride up there any day of the week, why pay $80 to do it with a bunch of numpties?

not paying to ride around town, and like i said in that campaign thread, i ignore the law such that all roads are closed as far as i can see in front of me, holy shit i’m a tough fother mucker!

This +1

nah - i might do it one day. do they still ride through the tunnel? that could be cool.

Can’t help it, I feel compelled to do it every year. Riding with the Boggo Rd Bike Hub team. Should be good this year we don’t have to go thru that stupid tunnel, instead we head out to and over the gateway bridge then via ICB to Caxton st before the climbing starts. 35 km warmup to the bottom of the climb and then finish with the river loop. 85 K’s all up, throw in some rain and a heap of gumbies, what more could you ask for? lol

Comon Dan, you know I’ve never paid for any of the CQ rides, I just jump on for the fun of it

did you end up doing it? i did but ripped both the carbon soles off the bottom of my shoes coming down from cootha leaving me completly brakeless except for the old foot jam. was a pretty good ride otherwise has got me keen for the toowoomba range challenge.

nope - but I crossed over the route a couple of time while out and about… as per Tom’s previous intimations, the level of bike control displayed by many of the participants was fuken scary to say the least.

what sort of shoes did you destroy?

woahhhhh who sets out to do mountain challenges fixed brakeless???

nice work though