Anyone run fenders?

i commute regularly and hate getting crap all up my back, in my face or on my backpack.
anyone run them? pics?

horatio does…

I’ve run them on-and-off for many years on many kinds of bike and I have some views to share. IF you can get past the gumby look of fenders you will be pleasantly surprised at how much drier, cleaner (and warmer) you will be. Full front and rear fenders willl also help keep your drivetrain cleaner (less water and road grime thrown into your chain & chainrings by your front tyre, gunk that gets transported by moving chain into everything else) meaning less wear and less cleaning and maintenance needed. Your frame is better protected too - less rust risk.

Some products to look at:

If you have forward-facing or vertical dropouts and fender eyelets, SKS chromoplastics or bluemels are about as good as they get:

A good thing about these is they are aluminium strips sandwiched in tough plastic - they’re light but they’re STRONG - will take knocks and other abuse without bending/denting.

If you have rear-facing horizontal dropouts, a full rear fender might be a PITA for wheel removal if you flat. In which case SKS raceblades are a choice item:

these are also good if your frame has tight clearances and no fender eyelets.

At the moment I use an earlier road version of this for commuting:

keeps my arse and backpack clean and relatively dry, but obviously not my feet (in winter I wear booties anyway and my office has a shower and room for a change of clothes, not everyone has these luxuries. I don’t share a workspace with other people who might be bothered by stinky wet things).

I have also seen this thing:

I can’t make up my mind if it’s stupid or not. I think it probably is. Yes it folds away but it’s not liight and it’s kind of bulky when folded. It also needs a schrader fitting to pump it up (which I don’t carry anyway).

I also have a thing called a “buttguard” for emergencies - folds up into a jersey pocket and clips onto saddle rails - one of those “hey that looks like a great idea” things but overpriced and totally fucking useless in real life. Don’t buy one.

You could go stupid and buy a set of Sykes:

General tips:

Buy quality. Cheap fenders will have cheap fittings that will surely break and probably rattle (a lot of people buy cheap crap ones and take them off soon after when they rattle, then decide forever that they hate fenders). Buy good, buy once. Buy SKS.

Full fenders = max coverage and max protection. Somewhat obvious perhaps but the difference is huge. Like I said earlier, full fenders (add some mudflaps - cut down milk bottles are popular and effective) will keep you, your bike and your gear surprisingly clean, dry, and comfortable.

A wider fender (ie a touring fender) will give you more protection than a skinny one.

Less coverage = less protection and a wetter, dirtier you. It’s up to you how you trade off your comfort for a smooth, uncluttered looking bike.


IF you can get past how they look you will be pleasantly surprised at how much drier, cleaner (and warmer) you will be. Full front and rear fenders willl also help keep your drivetrain cleaner (less water and road grime thrown into your chain & chainrings by your front tyre). They might even make you faster and save you time (eg: not having to slow down through big puddles etc). Look around town on your next wet commute and see what others are using.

My $0.02

(in the unlikely event that anyone wants a set of 26" chromoplastics cheap, pm me)

Great information.

The ‘safety’ QR fittings on some front mudguards are also perfect for installing mudguards on rear-facing horizontal dropouts (track ends don’t have mudguard eyelets).

Fit a front mudflap to keep your feet and chain dry, fit a rear mudflap if there will be somebody drafting you.

I’m running Gilles Berthoud stainless fenders

they’re pretty sweet freakin sweet.

Get the clip on ones, so you can ditch them on sunny days.

Clip-on mudguards aren’t nearly as good as the real thing, just run two bikes if you want the stripped down look.

awsome info!

where do you get the sks gear?

I bought my last set of SKS from Wheelchair Kev down in Mordialloc (Mordialloc Cycles) - If you’re closer to town I’d give Abbotsford a ring or maybe Cecil’s . The SKS kit is good enough to warrant a few phone calls to track 'em down.

i like the clip on one on the rear. i don’t bother with one on the front. i did have fenders when i was in nyc - lots more slush on the roads. then again i tend to hit the PT if it’s raining too hard…

IIRC they don’t have them, the distributor doesn’t like them for some reason. They are good though.

They do stock zefal, Soma $80 (black & metallic silver/blue/red) & Bicycle Design $50 (Silver Somas without the logo & little mudflap), and some clip on ones. All a metal/plastic sandwich. They may still have the cheap 27" aluminium ones with chrome plated stays too.

I drool over the zeppelin profile ones (Velo Orange) & polished Berthouds, but have neither.

I use (Or is it ‘run’ or ‘rock’ or ‘sport’?) the Bicycle Design ones on my commuter, they’re nice, but the radial adjustment isn’t that large, and because they adjust from the eyelet, both stays have to be equal length, rather than adjusting each individually at the fender. They are fine for 700x32mm, but that’s starting to push it. I did fill the gap completely with clay so the wheel couldn’t turn a while ago…

I also have some Zefals, they come 26" & 700C, in widths to suit ~23mm - ~2", stays clip to the fender so come off occasionally, but remount easily. Radial length adjustment is good once I discovered that you can drill the plastic part out and run the stay completely through it.

Finally, I have the SKS raceblades for rainy roadie rides as I don’t have clearance for fenders under the brakes, or any eyelets, nowhere near as good as full fenders, but they keep your arse dry and most of it off your feet. Adjustment involves a lot of bending and tweaking to get a decent line. Ideally you’d have two sets, and take one rear guard and use the front stays to get better coverage up front. Note, the mounts will damage your paintwork with lots of fine scratches.

Other past setups include Abbotsford basic aluminium fenders with scavenged Bluemels hardware (good), Club Roost plastic (move around a lot, on par with raceblades for protection), Peugeot stainless rear with Bluemels hardware (good), Zefal plastic (Swan?) that attaches on the seat tube (keeps your arse dry).

Yep. I run full fenders on my winter fixie - pics in the post your ride section under ‘black winter bike’ - link here,4157.0.html

A shifterbikes creation - road fork to get the clearance and the back fender is neatly ziptied.

Love em.

Having now lived through the start of a Vancouver Winter, I’ll never ride without fenders again.

Things are so much happier riding with them on!

+1 for SKS Raceblades.

nice and low profile, great for my bikes with really tight clearances.


easy to fit, look good and work - though nothing was going to stop you getting wet yesterday

bottom pic