Anyone up for a group buy of cheap bullhorns from the US? has syntace bullhorns for US$12.50, amongst other things, ndf and I are keen for a pair, is there anyone else who wants some and would like to split the shipping with us? They said around US$40 for shipping 2 pair, it shouldn’t increase too much with a few more.

38/42cm wide, 26.0 clamp diameter

Other stuff:
US$12 for a pair of 55/44 130bcd rings.
US$15.50/pr of Tektro rx4.1 brake levers (for bullhorns)

For comparison, Dean Woods have Profile stoker/airwing cowhorns for $75, Cecil Walker has them for $68.

and here is another comparison…

ShifterBikes in Melbourne has NITTO bullhorns for $67.50

Kookie Bikes also has NITTO bullhorns, 2 models - $70 and $65

no Syntace rubbish, NITTO.

Maybe Synatce for around AUD$45 is a bargain???
I’d rather have NITTO anyday.
The extra $20? You guys can decide if our time and effort is worth $20…

Nitto! YES please - can you post to Gold Coast? Should I just email you guys direct? How long till your Brisvegas office opens?

Get the Nitto bars from Dan. They’re much better than the Syntace shit.

I can bring stuff up to the Gold Coast if you like…buy the bars from Dan, and I will come up…but he will ship…No problem.


Sorry Blakey - someone mentioned “Nitto”, then suddenly: the rain stopped, the clouds cleared, the sun came out, the frame was straight, the chain shiny - and there was only one possible course of action :slight_smile:


Did someone say cromo?

but, but, but, the syntace ones have aero cable routing !!!

  • Joel

Cable routing???

Brakes are for flakes.

You could drill a couple of holes and route the cables inside.

Or you could be a cool kid and use a 'cross lever and have no need for routing.


Or you could be a cool kid and use a 'cross lever and have no need for routing.[/quote]

So I’m cool then??? Coool!!!

yeah I use a cross lever on my syntace. I was just being facetious.

  • Joel

Internal routing!

Fair to say even internal routing as ‘aero’ as they are aint gonna win you the next ally cat! :frowning:

love the no brake approach, works for this cat…