Anyone want a PS3 with a bunch of games?

I don’t use it anymore, have two controllers and the games i can recall are: The Last of Us, COD - Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 4, the Mortal Kombat game that was banned in Australia and prob 4 or 5 more that i don’t remember.

let me know if you want.

Umm yes can you send me it

Screw LT, I’ll come and pick it up.

EDIT: Actually, I’d probably use it less than you. I think I just like the idea of having a PS3.
On to the next person.

yea, or i could bring it next time i come to sydney or something. it also has a bluetooth headset which is great when you want a 14 year old kid to tell you that he fcked your mum and that you’re a f$ggot.

PM me

Sounds fantastic

yes pls will take

gone to lemons

Have you gone to PS4 Murray?

Gonna abuse so many kids ohhh yeaaaah

I think you need to rethink your phrasing.

^ Oh that Liam…

yar, but haven’t been playing it too much. might pwn some n00bz over the weekend

whenever i text murray asking him what he’s doing it’s always “playing mario kart and listening to Sodom”.