Anyone Want To Split This?

CUSTOM TRACK BIKE/FIXIE (eBay item 150550966831 end time 22-Jan-11 10:58:32 AEDST) : Sport

I’m after the frame. Theres awhole bunch of other decent stuff that I’d be willing to part out if anyone is keen on cranks, wheels, etc?

the frame is nice. this has been relisted… did it not even get a bid the first time? seems cheap.

possibly interested in cranks.

Great - I’ll see how it goes on this auction - might send him off an offer. Cranks are yours if you’re keen.

if I could get the wheels pretty cheap then I too would be keen.

man i want those cranks
if you win any chance i would be able to buy?

ahh shit…

Well lets see if I win it first - I’ll be down in Melbs to pick it up in Feb anyway.

If all goes well, I’ll put all the parts up in the sale forum - simple.

let the games begin!

not if i pick it up first herp derp
was this a funnyboke converted with 700c forks?

i think so, im kinda wondering why he switched to threadless, he said because the headset ‘came loose’. Not sure if the headtube is fucked or if the cups were fucked. Shame, the og fork was nice, and looked to fit a 650.

I guess I’ll have to figure it out when take it home and play with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

for serious though, you guys have it, no interest to me.


Im after some Sugino cranks :slight_smile:

if you look in the other page i said i want them first but if you want to be a prick we will have to battle it out

Woo take it easy sunshine …


No share and have one crank arm each

I will buy it, and the one to give me the best lap dance will get the cranks.

no, jousting on fixed bikes with pool cues.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve got this in the bag.