Anyone watching the NFL atm

How good are the games!

This season has been awesome and the playoffs even better,

Go Giants.

the 49ers game yesterday was so good.
hoping the giants get up on this one.

Haven’t been watching it, have never watched it, and don’t understand it - but for some unknown reason, I really want to change that.

It’s alright. Once you get over the fact that all popular American sports are made for TV (lots of ad breaks) you can enjoy the game. Great coverage, good commentating, some pretty mean mofo’s eager to rip into each other, fanatical fans, and some very impressive athleticisim. Kits are cool too. Some teams I like, some I don’t like. Helps if you have someone who’s in to it to help guide you in.

Superbowl is always good. (Coming up soon).

i always enjoy nfl, but only thing is noone around me does, so channel gets changed!

i’ve found it super easy to pick up, but kind of cringe a fair bit watching it.
they just run into each other an give each other brain damage relentlessly.

there is no way in hell i would let my kid play it.

Have watched all season (using friends game pass)
I love it. Also bonus that my friend hosts an epic superbowl party every year.
(getting into the nba also. What next? Baseball!?)

I have no idea how the giants got up today, 49ers were a better side all year. But thems the breaks.

I really hope we beat those clean cut Tom Brady turds.

I have no idea why the call it ‘football’?

FUCK the giants got up!!!

49ers for ever!

I’m starting a tennis thread

Every “football” game (in the rest of the world- we are unique) gets its origins from “football-soccer”,

Rugby is in fact “rugby football”.

Americans just find it easier to say than “gridiron football”

Do it just don’t strip it.

I enjoyed that tim tebow guy doing nothing, yet that guy from the patriots who my friends all wish they were rubbing oil on his back for him were alll over aboutr was kickin and running around like a campion, but i left their house midway through the game cos I understood nothing. Go patriots!?

because they play it on foot, rather than on horseback.

also, GO PATS!

On horseback would be more interesting. But thanks, I thought the ‘foot’ part related to kicking the ball, which they seldom do.

I saw tim Tebow centaur the other night on tumblr

Bwhaahahaa - Madonna shuffling. Cracked me up. I should volunteered to bust my moves and show here how it’s done.

MIA !!! And Cee Lo. Not a fan of Madonna but very cool half time.

Not happy ATM,

Go Giants !!! (even thought I’m a Jets fan)