Anyone with a ute/van in Brisbane?

I purchased a 3 piece lounge off ebay and now have to pick it up on Saturday morning. Pick up is Bulimba and drop off St Lucia, if anyone wants to earn some beers and help me avoid the hassle of hiring a vehicle let me know!

Azz has a wicked pedo van these days :slight_smile:

pedo van? Its not that pink one with burgers and hot dogs with smiley faces is it? Nearly gets me every time.

^^ “free candy” painted on the side? if so thats deffs az

You can borrow my van if you need to but I won’t be able to journey with you as I’ll have my son.

You can drop us off somewhere and come pick us up depending on the time.

You have a licence right?

Check your pm’s for my number.


Sorted now, but big thanks to Aaron for coming through with an offer.