Apollo fixed gears

hey everyone

mate of mine just got some of these in at his work. he thinks they’re quite good.

thoughts? don’t mind the look of the pepper, minus the rear brake though

not sure of price yet and i’ve no idea whether the components are any good…

there’s SALT



They don’t do anything for me. May as well convert an old Repco or something. But good on him if he likes his.

not a fan at all, everything but the rims on there will be pretty ordinary. better off just building up an old on

About those rims. I have a sneaking suspiscion that they have photochopped out the MSW for appearances :roll:

The pepper is lugged and has some nice dropouts

i quite like it

very similar to the 2010 rush hour

The Salt is a $700 bike with basically the same components as seen on $1000-$1400 bikes from bigger (as measured by marketing budget) brands. At that price, who has time for snobbery?

  • Joel

When it comes to bikes, there’s always time for snobbery!

Well, if someone’s charging $1400 for a bike that’s the same as a $700 one, those aren’t worth it and someone’s making a mega profit. And if they’re charging $700 for it, they’re still making a profit. So it’s not worth $700 either. The only ‘brand names’ on the Apollo specs are Tektro brakes and an FSA crankset. All the other stuff looks like generic copies.

Still, if people want to buy them and enjoy riding them, that’s their choice. I just think you could spend your money more wisely.

there is only one true apollo…thats the apollo III-mustard, cyclocross single speed

Apollo has a significant commercial advantage in the Australian market - the manufacturer is also the distributor. You’re being overly simplistic. The profits on the $1400 bikes are not necessarily higher, proportionally.

  • Joel

The lugged one is a nice looking frame in the flesh if you get a chance to eyeball one.

Saw a salt in the flesh today, looked alright. Was $699. Anyone got one?

Salt’n Pepa…Biatch

Hahaha someone had to…