Apologies for the downtime...

Hi everyone, sorry about the downtime. The fixed.org.au domain expired and it took me three days to work out how to pay for the renewal.

We are back!

So anyhow all you punks that come on the Saturday ride, or that get crap through the buyswapsellwanted - you owe me a double espresso+brownie and BGQ.

The BGQ must be on the scale.


Nice work Nath- extra phat brownie for you :smiley:

I kept refreshing the fixed.org.au page at work all day…agggh the disappointment of it being offline you have no idea.

i thought theres something wrong with my 'puter…

nice to see the site up`and running again

Uu Baby! its back!!

Nice work Nath, now about that BGQ…

Haha, what a relief!