Apple's Track Bike

This is my Track bike which I have been racing here in Canberra for a few years now. It is a daccordi frame which I got sand blastered then powder coated black.

Cinelli Sprint bars that I have now been using for 10 years.
170mm Zeus cranks with a 50 tooth chain ring
Record hubs Laced to Mavic CXP33 rims and a i’m running a 15 tooth cog
Victoria Open Corsa Evo Cx’s
Selle San Marco Concor Light Saddle
Time Equipe Criterium Pro Pedals

Very nice ride.

Ever use it on the street?


I was expecting something in white with a dial thingo on it that plays songs.

Nice bike. You’ll have to hook up with Joel.

Nah I haven?t ridden it on the road no hole in the forks for front brake :x. Looking around for a Colnago frame to turn into a road fixy :twisted:. Yeah I wouldn’t mind having a closer look at Joel?s Steam roller it looks sweet.

g’day Apple - PM me your location and story!

anyway, I’d be more than happy to show off my surly which I love. I take it to work (mal adjusted bikes in Dickson) on mondays and I take my malvern star beater on thursday and fridays.

that is indeed a sweet ride though - I would have noticed it if I’d seen it!

  • Joel

oh yer mal adjusted, bit hard to get there through the week becasue of school. Only way to see the black beast is on tuesday at track in summer.