Applying decals on wheels

Hey guys and gals,

I have a de stickered set of Campagnolo Pistas and have recently bought a set of these in black CAMPAGNOLO PISTA decals kit - White | BIKESDECALS
Just wondering if there are any tips or tricks to getting these on?
For instance cleaning rim with metho or anything like that, and also tips for setting in the right position…

Thanks for any help


Damo at Bike Cog Cafe out in Mt Evelyn put some decals back on some Velocity Blunt rims he sprayed a custom colour - they are narrower than the Pistas so would no doubt be trickier. You could ask him for help perhaps. He’s a top bloke.

clean with wax and grease remover, dry position and lay some electrical tape as a guide is what i’d do if i was to

Start in the middle and smooth outward so you don’t get bubbles

Not sure what the finish on the rims is like, but when applying decals to glass I spray on a really really watered down version of dish washing liquid, apply decal, slide around til I’m happy with position, squeegee the solution out with a credit card, allow to dry then peel off the top bit.

what HLC said, except I would recommend spraying the back of the sticker with window cleaner. It’s suitably viscous, doesn’t foul the adhesive and once you’ve pushed the excess out, it will dry perfect

A good idea is to tape up around the old decals too so you can get the new ones exact provided they are same size!

thanks everyone, i’ll let you know how i go.