Appropriate tyres for winter

Melbourne is becoming colder and wetter, and it’s making me think about what sort of tyres to be running this winter.

So what’s the latest and greatest?
I’ve had good experiences with Schwalbe Durano Plus and Continental Gatorskins.
But what is the best tyre diameter?

I’ve used 25c diameter tyres in the wet which were great, but I’ve never used 28c on a road bike. Am I going to fit 28c on my steel roadie, or do you think 25c is more than enough?

Is there such a thing as a Kevlar (folding, light) 28c tyre?

For light, folding, 28mm; Grand Bois! Made in 23/26/28/30mm. The 28s measure 29mm I think. I have 26s and quite like them. They’ll be at Fed Sq tonight if you will.

(email me… tyres and headsets.)

Don’t forget to put some vernier calipers on your tyres to see if they’re really 28mm too. My 26mm GB tyres are wider than some “28mm” tyres I have.

I’ll rock up and say hi!
But do you think a 28c tyre would fit my Viner?

you can get folding gators and randos from memory…

@Duarte: Couldn’t say without measuring / trying.
@ATHF: Sometimes the larger sizes don’t have the folding bead.

i’ll be ridin’ these.

Yeah nice, great for the mud, perhaps not for commuting…

good to have you back H!
i’ve missed your questions… :smiley:

i’ve enjoyed my fyxations and panaracer messenger for t-servs in the inclement weather. unfortunately your beloved wiggle has neither :frowning:

so i just put my new wheels on my new frame and there’s not enough clearance on the front fork. i’m guessing dropping from 700x23’s on the front to 700x19’s is a bad idea for riding on the road?

slightly off topic but advice is always greatly appreciated


i had a 19mm on the front for a while. it was ok. i mean, you sure felt the bumps, and had to be a bit more careful around the corners, but they were pretty fast.

now i have 32mm front and rear. it’s a little different.

haha no doubt!!! reckon it’s worth trying a 19mm then in order to keep the cost as little as possible?

the front fork needs to be drilled anyway so if i get a chrome fork i’ll save money by not getting sasha to drill the current fork…

hmm, decisions decisions!

i’d ride it. just go easy in the wet.

you know what they say - ride what you got.

i’ve just realised that the old bike will become my shit weather bike so it may not be an issue…

thank you sir, give yourself another couple of brendans!! :wink:


My durano plus is on its last legs, so gonna see how Schwable Marathon 25mm go on the rear this winter.

Rubino Pro in 25 for me for winter.

Ah yes I remember you recommended these before. Quite good value if I recall. How is the sticky-ness in the wet?
I have found that Schwalbe do a 28c Durano (vanilla, not Plus). Might be a go

Where did you get these tyres mate?

@Clarion: commuter cycles in west brunswick stock them.

What about Fyxation tyres in the wet? Might hipster up my commuter bike this winter…

Yeah… fluoro green will great on the Daccordi. But at $80 a piece!!!

You need some cross tyres. You know you want to…