April 14th-17th

Cool, I’ll come along and i think user Squiggle is too. Should be a good one.

Pencil me in then. However climbing isn’t my forte, hell i don’t even find it fun! The decent on the other hand… Col de Roll – The Best Bike Race On Earth

May be keen, depending on return time.

The kinglake climb takes around 23 or so minutes and varies between 5 and 7 percent. Easily doable in the big ring or fixed or ss depending on gearing.

Will, I’ll check details with you at work.


Will Walker’s done the climb in 15 min or so which is blistering but I reckon you could give it a nudge J.K.L.P!

This is no smash-fest as we’re just keen to get the Km’s in our legs. ~130km return from West Melbourne. And weighing in at a hefty 84kg, I’m ready to take all-comers in the Col de Roll down into Whittlesea!

You wouldn’t by chance be bringing the polo bike??? There’s a 2 day polo tournament this weekend. 5 of the Sydney players are flying down from today/tomorrow as well. If you’re passing by, stop for a drink - North Carlton, corner of Arnold and Paterson St.

i’ve never seen this before - cheers for the link.

i may be joining you for the first part of your sunday ride. looking forward to it.

The climbing cyclist is great - I am a big fan, have planned many a ride based on its contents.

Okay - so I am pretty keen to leave early(ish) Sunday. With that in mind, shall we meet where High St/Plenty Rd split in Thornbury at 7am? Earlier/later? We will ride out via Plenty Rd so that is a good meet point (and conveniently 2 min from my place…). My number is 0438582994. Hopefully we will be back by 12-1, depending on how long our bakery stop is/headwinds.

The Whittlesea descent has a couple of benefits over the Kinglake return descent - no blind left turns, several lanes, smooth road, long. Basically it is perfect for col de roll.

Route: Thornbury VIC to Thornbury VIC - Google Maps

Where are you headed on Sunday Brendan?

etomato - where are you staying in melbourne? Do you know your way around easily enough?

I might come on this, but regardless of that - here’s my 2c.

  1. The Kinglake to Wittlesea decent isn’t as good because it doesn’t have the St Andrews Pub at the bottom of it :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. I recon riding out via rosanna Rd, Banyule Rd, Mt Pleasant Rd, Kangaroo Ground, Panton Hill is a better route to St Andrews.

but yeah, pretty stoked on the potential size of this group!

^ A compelling argument, although Whittlesea does have a playground with a Tractor at the bottom of the descent. On another note, I am happy to take any route the group decides on (exploring is fun). I just won’t know where we are going.

Considering the ride was started to give etomato a road ride, it is probably dependent on what he wants to do.

provided i get off my arse and buy some new brake pads before sunday, i’ll be coming on this ride. sounds good.

I’m with the Chazter on the route proposal.

The way out via Rosanna, Banyule etc is one of my faves.

i got 3.5 hours to do, but it’s all at different HR zones. ie, not much fun to ride with. that’s cool. the 7am start rules me out anyways.

7am start!?!?!! Also long as there’s beers at the end i won’t complain.

so a 2 hr sleep in then?

Man, you guys need wife and kid responsibilities…

Hey guys, I’m in Melbourne! Can’t get over how much I love this city. Just saw slug guts and the primitive calculators at the tote… it’s been a good day.
7am Sunday sounds perfect to me. I’m easy with either route, as longt as we find a few proper hills, ride through some interesting places followed by a bakery/pub/pie shop.
I’m staying in Carlton, so meeting in Thornbury is fine. I have a map and some new hi-tec phone mapping capabilities, so navigation is fine.

This is kind of cool if I’ve triggered a bit of a meet-up that wouldn’t usually happen - looking forward to it.

Perhaps we could make this the inaugural “etomato ride”? A chance for FOA crew racing the local road season to meet up prior to the season starting proper?

I’m just looking forward to this new route out through Kangaroo Ground. Any one ridden this loop before and mapped it out?

If I turn up, I can show you the way - but just in case I don’t (which is likely, unfortunatly), here’s what I reckon is the best way to St Andrews - lots of little hills, and some pretty nice scenery, and for the most part, minimal traffic.

Chaz Hutton in Melbourne, Australia | Cycling Social Network | MapMyRIDE

^ Can you change the privacy settings Chaz? Can’t view it!

I really hate the new MapMyRide.
okay - does it work now?

Perfect, thanks.

Okay shall we meet at the corner of HIgh St & Westgarth/Merri at 7 instead if we are taking this route?