April fools cycling

I thought this was nice:

April Fools Roundup, Part One – Bicycle Spoofs & More! - Bike Rumor

Pedro’s is launching a line line of tire levers with options for different conditions.

‘Condition Appropriate Technology (CAT),’ a proprietary portfolio of plastics, available only from Pedro’s, has been developed with renowned plastics engineers to optimize the tire removal user experience. Each tire lever has been specifically engineered, to suit seasonal conditions, as indicated by their color.

Spring CAT, Green: Optimized for common springtime conditions, the Green Spring CAT offers excellent grip in wet tire conditions perfect for spring showers. When you get caught in the rain and need to fix a flat quickly, green is your lever of choice!

Summer CAT, Yellow: Pedro’s most popular color, and not surprisingly, the most popular riding season, the Yellow Summer CAT offers an extra slippery plastic, perfect for tires softened in the summer heat. While other levers stick, Summer CAT excels.

Fall CAT, Orange: Designed to handle large temperature variation, the Orange Fall CAT offers proprietary aerospace plastics that change properties based on temperature. With fall temperatures all over the map, Pedro’ s Fall C A T is the best solution ever created for fall tire removal.

Winter CAT, Pink: Not just for the ladies anymore, Pink Winter CAT is specially designed and manufactured with tougher-than-nails plastic optimized for frigid temperatures, with increased dexterity and grip, making winter tire removal a breeze, even with bulky gloves and rock-hard frozen tires.


  • Helium based lithium ion battery powered motor in the bottom bracket
  • Brain activated shifting system

hahaha it’s a good read.

EDIT: I hope there are a few muppets out there that believed it

This has got to be a joke:

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