Apropos of nothing...

…other than it’s friday arvo and this photo kind of speaks to my mood after the meeting I just came out of…

haha looks like fun

Do it.

dont be a pussy.

I did something a lot like this when I was abut 10, only it was a newly made road and I was wearing nowt but my purple speedos…

…mum was picking bits of road out of my leg, arm, belly and head with tweezers

Used to do stuff like this growing up. Sitting on a skateboard going fast enough for four wheel drift around corners onto the wrong side of the road till some pussy got upset that they nearly killed me one time and complained to my dad.

Also watched a cement truck attempt to do something like this once when it’s brakes failed but it binned it into the lawn bowls club before it made it to the water.

had a mad diveway like that when i was a kid and my little bro came pelting down(on skateboard) lying down head first and i stuck a broom across his path…bad… he still cant grow hair on part of his chin… I feel better now i have shared that.